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JK 8S-16S 1A Battery Balancer

JK 8S-16S 1A Battery Balancer

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This active balancer had welded round terminal on each lead so it is very easy to use on battery compared with the original product.

Bluetooth App can support monitor so user can switch on/off balancing remotely so as to give your battery pack a maintenance free experience while a normal balancer can't stop balancing manually.

Brand: JK    Model: JK-B1A16S

Active Balance Current: 0.1A - 1A     Series Supported: 8S-16S

Voltage range: 40V - 100V    Technology: Power transfer style active balance

Balance start condition: Voltage gap exceed the limit (default: 4mv, adjustable)

Suitable battery type: Li-ion/ LiFePo4/ LTO

Communication: Bluetooth (Android& iOS)

Working temperature: -30℃~ 90℃

Power consumption: 10MA@100V (balanced), 6MA@100V (not balanced)

Size: 157.6mm99mm18.5mm

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